39+40 Final edit


Here is our final edit and these are the final changes we did compared tot he rough edit.

  • We choose different music because we found out later that music we had used in our rough edit was copyright.
  • We also added another indent which is the Warner Bros. from 1940 which suits the our genre Film noir
  • We also added different sound effects such as the gun shot at the end. We also changed some of the editing to make the film look more smoothly
  • We also made our film completely in Black in White apart from the scenes when the blood comes up

16. Perfect audience member

According to the website UK tribes my perfect audience member for a rap music video is an Aspirant. Aspirants are the kind of people that know what to wear and are looking to spend a lot of money in order to match the lifestyle.Attuned to what’s happening in Leading Edge circles, it’s about keeping up with what’s cool but without all the hard work of creating it themselves. These tribes will be found in a lot of different schools and even universities around the UK and the world. Especially in China since it is an extremely fast evolving country and is trying to be as western as possible

However to be more precise my perfect audience member is a so called “Hype beast” which come under the category aspirant.

A Hype beast is a person that follows up the trend in order to be cool this can also be due to peer pressure in order to make an individual to be part of a group. A Hype Beast  is a kid that collect[s] clothing, shoes, and accessories for the sole in order to impress others. Although the individual may not have a dime to their name, they like to front like they are making far more then everybody else. Equipped with mommies  credit card, the Hype Beast will try his hardest to make sure he has every pair of Nike’s  he saw Kanye West on his latest fashion show.

Evaluation feedback

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-06 um 20.08.53Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-06 um 20.09.03

Here is the feedback from some of my friends on Facebook. I really appreciated the feedback that Bhupeshwor Amataya gave me because he currently studies media at university.


I also asked one of my friends in the house and filmed him giving a statement to my film.


This feedback helped me to see what other people especially that are not media students think about the video. Unfortunately I don´t get any comments on youtube because i have not quiet reached the stage to get subscribers. However in my opinion the feedback I have is enough for me.

Evaluation point 6.

As a camera we have used a canon I have never worked with such a high quality camera before so I learned a lot how to use it. In my opinion the quality of the camera reflects on our video and makes it extraordinary.



Adobe Premier Pro CS6


Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-06 um 20.04.16.png

It was the first time I used this programme but after hard work and a couple of hours on researching on google how to work it. I got used to it fairly quickly and it worked out at the end I think.

Here are some screenshots that I took during editing time.


During my coursework process I used WORDPRESS to publish all my work . At the beginning at was kind of hard for me to work with it, but I soon got used to it and managed to find the perfect layout. Using wordpress was really easy to use after a while and I was able to upload all sorts of information such as powerpoints, pictures and even youtube videos.




Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-09 um 12.30.01.png

Evaluation point 3

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Here is the link for the Prezi about how distribution works !

Investigating the distribution techniques was very important in my opinion because distribution is the only way to get your film out there on the market.

Evaluation point 1.

Here are my 9 shots that show the key parts of the film. These 9 scenes present:

  • the title of the film:
  • (1st picture on the left)
  • I choose especially this screenshot because it shows the title of our film really clearly and it also shows the actors in the back
  • the setting:
  • (picture in the middle on the left)
  • this screenshot is perfect to represent the setting of our film where most was filmed
  • costumes:
  • (picture in the middle on the right)
  • this picture shows the costumes we used in our movie you can see that both characters are dressed in mafia style clothes like a suit.
  • camera work and editing:
  • (1st picture at the bottom on the left)
  • this screenshot shows a over shoulder shoot thats why I choose it 
  • font and style:
  • (2nd picture at the bottom from the left) 
  • the style of the film is a deal thats why I choose this screenshot
  • story/narrative:
  • (3rd picture at the bottom from the left)
  • this is the perfect screenshot of explaining the story of the film because it shows the remedy on the table
  • genre and suggestions of it:
  • (2nd picture at the top from the left)
  • this picture describes the genre perfectly because you can see the two actors walking in the background and a newspaper article from the 1940´s which is the time when film noir was really popular
  • Characters:
  • (picture at the top on the right)
  • this screenshot shows the two main actors of the movie
  • Special FX / effects:
  • (picture at the bottom on the right)
  • in this picture you can´t see special effects but if you listen to the video you will hear the sound of a gun shooting, we also used slow motion in this shot which is a special effect