24. Key elements for our opening

I want to use a typical opening for my film noir opening title . The opening needs to catch the audience so they look forward to see the rest of the movie . The indent  is going to introduce all of the characters which are going to take part in the film. Important is that the audience gets a minimal idea of what the film is about, and about the ´bad character´and even the `good character´. Another key element is the mood we are going to create in the opening! The mood we are going to choose is going to be really dark with key element shots used and incredible dark lighting.We do really have to be careful with choosing my actors . They have to be able to play a really serious role in order to  create serious atmosphere in the opening.

Other important elements are going to be the costumes which are going to be used by the actors to reflect the 1950´s where our film noir movie is going to be set.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-30 um 19.40.00


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