25. This is our storyline for our film noir movie


The message overall of our video clip is that there are 2 mafia bosses meeting up with a messenger who is going to deliver cocaine to them in order to get money. The 2 bosses kill the messenger because of past conflicts they had with him . After the murder the 2 bosses disappear without getting noticed.

  1. The 2 Mafia bosses meet up on the silent walk in order to discuss their business and to make sure that everything is going to run smoothly when they meet up with the messenger.
  2. The messenger arrives out of the no where he tells his accomplice to wait for him until he returns.
  3. The bosses are already waiting for the messenger in the Michael kirk in order to get their product. They introduce themselves to their supplier and discuss their business
  4. The two bosses really push the messenger in order to be quickly with the deal because they do not want to get noticed, once the remedies are handed over one of the bosses shot the messenger in the back as he was leaving the cemetery .
  5. The bosses take away the money and leave the crime scene as quick as possible in order not to arouse suspicion, they leave the body behind. The accomplice of the messenger finds the body in shock.


*The Michael kirk is a special chap up in the woods of Gordonstoun grounds built o a cemetery

Overall we planned this with a lot of focus all we have to do is sorting out our props needed in order to create the atmosphere wanted. And we will carefully consider our actors.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-01 um 11.49.36


I have contributed to this task in a great way in my opinion because I have established most of the storyboard I had a basic idea of how to do that because I did Gsce drama last year. I have also created this post and I have downloaded this picture of the michael kirk from youtube.




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