32. Here are pictures from the location we are going to set our movie on


  • This is the place were the 2 mafia bosses are going to meet and discuss further business



  • This is the path they are going to walk up together, in order to reach the destination were they are going to meet the messenger



  • This is the gate they´re going to walk through to get to the kirk were the remedies are going to be handed over.



  • This is a picture of the kirk were the mafia bosses are going to wait for the messenger , once he has arrived they will go into the kirk together in order not to be seen by anyone else



  • Here is a picture of the location were the deal is going to take place, this is also the place were the messenger is going to murdered whilst he is trying to get out of the kirk



  • This is the place were the mafia bosses driver is going to wait with his car , in order to escape as quick as possible from the crime scene



  • Overall we are going to stay on silent walk because the location really does suit our genre which is film noir. The michael kirk is a excellent building to film a film noir video in . I took these pictures  on a really sunny day which was really nice and this also reflects on the quality of the images.




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