34. Casting shots


This is Benjamin Theilacker he is one of the mafia bosses that take the delivery and then shot the messenger. Benjamin is part of the film because he has done GSCE drama and he really enjoys acting . He is also going to film a couple of shots when he is not in the scene.


This is Peter Lockhead he is the other mafia boss he is a brilliant actor and he suits the role really well thats why we gave him the role , he is going to dress up really smartly so he can focus on acting.


This is Lino Becker he is going to act as the messenger who delivers the drugs and who is going to get shoot out side the michael kirk.


This is Dylan Hatton he is going to act as Lino Becker´s acquaintance he is the one who is handing the drugs to Lino so he can go into the kirk to deliver them.


  • all of the actors we have chosen are acting because the really wanted to be part of our film so that means that they will really put a lot of effort in order to make this a top band piece . We will see how it goes put I am pretty sure that it is going to be excellent.



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